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Payment Plans

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Our Care Plans are designed to help you budget for your dental charges through the year. The plans also provide a valuable worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme following an accident or for serious dental conditions such as oral cancer.

We recommend that our patients follow a programme of prventative care, using the skill of our practice team and support of our care plan. For a fixed monthly sum, our care plans help you budget for regular, affordable, preventative dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

How It Works
Firstly, you have the choice of which level of cover is right for you - Care Plan or Care Plan Plus. We also provide a Care Plan for Children under 18.

You can register by contacting the surgery on 01924 362913/ 364912 or by calling in. You do not need to see a dentist first, and you do not have to be dentally fit, but you are able to receive our office discount. A major advantage of this for new patients is that it immediately saves you paying the examination fee. Care plan can be upgraded to full Care Plan Plus at anytime when you are dentally fit.

Care Plan A - Patients Benefits
  • One check-up per year including X-Rays
  • Scale and polishes during check-ups
  • Two Hygienist Visits
  • Preventative advice, therapy and counselling
  • 15% Discount off any treatment fees
  • Discounts for more than one member
  • Worldwide emergency assistance scheme

All this is available from £11.98.
Care Plan B - Patients Benefits
  • Two checkups per year including X-Rays
  • Scale and polishes during check-ups
  • One Hygienist Visit
  • Preventative advice, therapy and counselling
  • 15% Discount off any treatment fees
  • Discounts for more than one member
  • Worldwide emergency assistance scheme

All this is available from £11.98.

These Plans can upgrade to Care Plan Plus

Care Plan Plus

From only £13.98 a month (rate assessed by the dentist) you can maintain your oral health with no additional fees for treatment. You must be dentally fit to join this scheme.

Treatment covered
  • All checkups
  • All X-Rays
  • All necessary fillings
  • All hygienist visits (including scale and polishes)
  • Preventative advice, therapy and counselling
  • All routine extractions
  • Periodontal and surgical treatment
  • Crowns (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Dentures (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Inlays (excluding laboratory fees)
  • Root fillings
  • Discounts for more than one member
  • Worldwide emergency Dental assistance scheme
  • Children under 3 years old are treated free

There are 3 rates depending on the state of your child's mouth. Please contact the practice to find out more.
Care plan for Children excludes Orthodontic treatment, Cosmetic treatment & Dental Implants.

The Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme - Benefits

What's covered?

You will be eligible to receive Benefit payments from the Scheme in the following situations, up to the limits shown on the Scheme Benefits Schedule, providing the Scheme Manager (at its sole and absolute discretion) has accepted your request for assistance:

  • The cost of dental treatment by any dentist up to a maximum of £10,000 for any one incident of Dental Trauma;
  • The cost of:
      - Emergency callouts;
      - Pain relief or Emergency Temporary Treatment;
  • A specified amount if you suffer permanent facial disfigurement due to a Dental Trauma;
  • A specified amount if you are diagnosed with Oral Cancer and this is the primary cancer site;
  • Monthly reimbursement of your plan membership cost, if you are made compulsorily redundant.

About Our Care Plans

Family discounts
Care Plan can benefit the whole family. Where more than one member of the family is registered at the same practice and payments are made under one single direct debit, the following discounts apply:

Method of payment
Following your individual dental assessment, you will know exactly how much your regular payments will be. You can choose to pay by monthly direct debit or by a single annual payment. There is also a one-off, initial registration of £9.50.

Freedom to cancel
Our Care Plan programme is designed to give the reassurance of long-term support. However, if you wish, you can cancel your agreement at any time by giving 21 days notice by telephone or in writing to your dentist.

Questions & Answers
Q. What are the benefits of Care Plan for me?

A. Seeing you as a patient registered under Care Plan allows the emphasis to be put on Preventative dental care. This means that we can help stop dental problems before they occur or get worse.

Q. How is my full Care Plan fee calculated?

A.Your dentist at our practice completes a simple chart that takes into account your dental history, the current health of your teeth and gums and the Preventative care programme recommended. These factors will place you in a specified category for which we have already calculated the fee.

Q. How will my fee be paid?

A.You can choose to pay your fee monthly by direct debit, or annually by cheque or credit card, to Practice Plan, who act as a collecting agent for all Care Plan member dentists

Q. Where does my payment go?

A.A small percentage of your payment is retained by Denplan to cover administration and your World Wide Emergency Dental Scheme. The bulk of your payment is sent to your dentist.

Q. What exactly do I receive?

A.In return for your monthly payment you are entitled to regular examinations and consultations, ongoing advice an, a personal preventative programme and all the routine dental treatment, normally received from your general dental practice, needed to help you maintain a healthy smile. You also receive access to a 24 hour emergency helpline and accident cover up to £10,000 per incident, for any one one incident of Dental Trauma.

Q. Does my fee cover everything?

A.It will exclude laboratory fees for things like crowns, bridges, dentures and specialist treatment not normally covered by routine general dental practice such as orthodontic appliance therapy. A complete list of what is excluded is provided in condition 3 of your contract. You can ask our practice to see a copy of this list.

Q. Is there a registration fee?

A.Yes, there is a once-only fee usually debited during the first month of your contract to cover the initial costs of administration. This is an additional one-off payment of £9.50.

Q. Once I have signed a Care Plan contract, can I cancel it?

A.In the event that you should need to cancel your contract this can be done by giving 21 days notice, expiring on the last day of the month. Cancellations will be accepted by telephone or in writing to the practice. Please note that it is important that you also inform your dentist of your decision. You can find all the details of your membership on the copies of the contract you signed.

Q. Is Care Plan insurance?

A.No. Care Plan is a maintenance contract that allows us to provide on-going Preventative care. Through modern dental knowledge and techniques we can help you achieve and maintain healthier teeth and gums for a lifetime. However, Care Plan also arranges, on your behalf, supplementary insurance to cover the cost of treatment required as a result of an accident or in the event of an emergency.

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