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As a private dentist in Wakefield we offer a quality service.When you attend for treatment we will carefully examine your mouth, and then we will discuss with you the different treatment options available. We do our utmost to ensure that you understand the cost of your treatment and are happy with the outcome so it is our usual practice to provide you with a detailed estimate.


Below are some sample fees for the most common items of treatment. As a private dentist in Wakefield, we aim to offer affordable rates.There are many different types of treatment available and the dentists are always pleased to discuss these and provide an estimate according to your own needs. We believe our fees to be highly competitive and very affordable.


      Payment Plans  
Consultation     Care Plan Care Plan Plus
NP Exam inc all xrays   £60.00 Included Included
Exam   £55.00 Included Included
Exam incl. Routine x-rays
(usually every 2 years)
  £73.00 Included Included
Kids Exam (3-16)   £35.00 Included Included
Full denture Exam   £35.00 Included Included
Each x-ray   £9.00 15% discount Included
OPT   £45.00 15% discount Included
CBCT   £150.00 Not included Not included
Study Models   £60.00 Not included Not included
Hygienist   £60.00 Includes 1 per year Included
Stain removal   £20.00 Not included Not included
Amalgams from £85.00 15% discount Included
Composites from £100.00 15% discount Included
Fissure sealant- each   £30.00 15% discount Included
Root Fillings        
Incisor/ Canine from £300.00 15% discount Included
Premolar/ Molar from £400.00 15% discount Included
Extirpation of one tooth   £125.00 15% discount Included
One tooth (simple)   £100.00 15% discount Included
Surgical from £150.00 15% discount Included
Wisdom tooth   £200.00 Not included Not included
F/F   £900.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
/F or /F   £700.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Partial acrylic denture   £600.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Chrome denture/ peak   £900.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Porcelain bonded   £600.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Gold crown   £700.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Porcelain crown/veneer   £720.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Direct composite veneers   £250.00 Not Included Not Included
Ceramic inlay/onlay   £750.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Re cementing crown   £50.00 15% discount Included
Re cementing veneer   £100.00 15% discount Included
Porcelain bonded per unit from £600.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Maryland per pontic   £500.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Maryland wings   £250.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Re cement bridge   £60.00 15% discount Included
Re cement Maryland   £100.00 15% discount Included
Crack/ refix one tooth   £40.00 15% discount Included
Each extra repair   £10.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Reline   £200.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Soft lining   £150.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Addition of a tooth   £200.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Each extra tooth   £25.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Adjustments   £35.00 15% discount Included
Temporary filling   £30.00 15% discount Included
Prescription   £10.00 15% discount Included
Grinding a tooth   £10.00 15% discount Included
Sensitive varnish   £10.00 15% discount Included
Assessment and Advice   £60.00 15% discount Included
Gum Shields        
Sports   £150.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Nightguard   £150.00 15% discount Lab fee to pay
Tooth Whitening   £600.00 Not Included Not Included
with other treatment   £450.00 Not Included Not Included
Specialist/ referral services
Periodontal Treatment        
Full Perio assessment   £150.00    
Non surgical periodontal (per jaw)   £600.00    
Full mouth   £800.00    
Crown lengthening   £600.00 - £900.00  
CT Graft   £600.00 - £900.00  
FGG   £600.00 - £900.00  
Surgical Perio treatment   £900.00    
Emdogain   £500.00    
Franectomy   £600.00    
Referral Services        
Consult with Endodontist/Oral
Endodontic retreatment   £650.00    
Endodontic treatment by referral   £600.00    
Internal bleaching   £600.00    
Sedation from £200.00    
DSD assess and trial smile   £500.00    
Invisalign outcome
assess simulation
Invisalign   £4000.00    
Implant supported crown
(Single missing tooth)
  £2500.00 - £3000.00  
Upper/lower denture
(Retained with 2 implants)
Implant supported bridge
(2+ teeth)
Complete upper/lower jaw   POA    
Sinus Lift   £500.00 - £1000.00  
Other bone graft   £500.00    

Paying and Finance Please be aware that all adults will be required to pay fees on the day of treatment.Alternatively you may join our Payment Plan which also gives you a discount. We also offer 0% Finance for larger fees, allowing you to spread the cost over time.Details supplied upon request. Subject to status.
We accept Cash and most major Credit and Debit Cards.
We do not accept cheques.

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Dentist Wakefield accepts cash, cheque with guarantee card, all major credit and debit cards as mode of payment for treatment fees.